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Tips Before you Book a Birthday Bounce House

Maximize Your Bounce House Party with Daddy’s Home Rentals in Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Measure Your Backyard

Don’t let a small backyard hold you back from the fun! At Daddy’s Home, we offer bounce houses in various sizes, ensuring there’s an option perfect for your space. Just like Alexa did for her recent birthday party, you can make it work beautifully even in a cozy backyard setting.

Keep in mind, backyard parties are the way to go for easy booking and setup. Ensure there’s access to a plug nearby for convenient installation. While our team comes prepared with extension cords, it’s always good to be mindful of the setup area and the cords!

Choose Your Theme in Advance

Gone are the days of primary color bounce houses! With a myriad of themed options available, your bounce house can seamlessly blend into your party’s theme. Whether it’s a Spiderman extravaganza or a Princess, Daddy’s Home has the perfect bounce house to complement your theme. Explore our diverse range of options to elevate your party experience!

Book Balloon Décor

Transform your party space with the enchanting charm of balloon décor! Daddy’s Home offering stunning balloon arrangements that effortlessly enhance your chosen theme. Watch as your party ambiance comes to life with vibrant balloons that captivate both kids and adults alike.

Worried about Oklahoma sunshine? Not to fret! Let us know your concerns, and we’ll ensure your balloon selection is sun-friendly, minimizing any risk of popping. Our experts will handle the setup, leaving you stress-free to enjoy the festivities.

Provide an Outdoor Carpet

Create a seamless transition from outdoor fun to indoor comfort with an outdoor carpet. Daddy’s Home recommends placing a carpet outside the bounce house, providing a designated space for kids to remove their shoes before jumping in. Say goodbye to grass-stained feet and hello to a cleaner, more enjoyable bouncing experience!

Pad the Pick-Up Time

After the party winds down, let the bouncing continue while you tidy up! Daddy’s Home understands the importance of uninterrupted fun, which is why we suggest padding the pick-up time. Give your little ones extra bounce time to burn off their sugar highs while you wrap up the celebration with ease.

Trust Daddy’s Home for an unforgettable bounce house experience in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. Contact us today to elevate your next backyard bash!


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